On 2018-07-11 we are celebrating our first birthday!!!

There is no word that could describe the feeling that these nine wonderful souls brought to our life and today we are celebrating their 1st birthday 1️⃣🎈 Looking over this year, seeing the joy that they brought to their families, all the sleepless nights and worries gets forgotten and only pride and endless love is left ❤️
Kiss the not so little ones from mama Hera and the family! I am forever grateful 🐕9️⃣💋

Mister GREEN a.k.a Boltas

Mister Green a.k.a Boltas is now a part of a loving family living in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Bolt is an active and playful puppy, he especially likes to play with and nip his (two-legged) brothers and sisters. When the weather is windy and damp, Bolt likes to spend his time in a warm places like near the heating or in his sister’s bed ❤️. Kisses and hugs to Bolt and his family!

Miss White a.k.a Ashanti

The wildest soul on earth – Miss White a.k.a Ashanti!❤️ Ashanti is living in Germany 🇩🇪 now where she is the happiest puppy all because of her new family! 🏠We don’t know if anyone could be more loved – Ashanti gets the prettiest coats, the most comfortable bed and the best mommy who spoils her with the most delicious recipes and naps on the lap. “We really just love her to death & we are so happy about her. She fits perfect to us and she really seems to be my soulmate..We wouldn’t have her here without you. You made us the greatest gift. We love you.❤️
We love you too! ❤️ It must be faith that brought us together ❤️

Follow Ashanti on Instagram 😍http://instagram.com/ashanti_rhodesian_ridgeback

Mister LIGHT GREEN a.k.a Fargo

Now presenting Mister Light-Green a.k.a Fargo! 💚Fargo is living in Germany and is a part of very warm and loving family and he also has his best friend/grandpa Fox! “Fargo is such a great guy! We have so much fun with him and fox is starting to be younger than ever 😜he is fantastic! Very clever and cuuuute 😍😍😍we are in deep love with him!” Just so you know what we mean check these photos! This is something like doggy paradise😘💚💚 Love and kisses! You can follow this wonderful journey on Instagram‼️http://instagram.com/wanderhounds

A while ago we got little message from Fargo: “Sending loving kisses and hugs to our babies for their 7 month anniversary ❤️🐕💋 Celebrity on the photos – Gorgeous Fargo💚”

Thanks to the owners for the amazing pictures!


Mister YELLOW a.k.a Morris

Mister Yellow a.k.a Morris is sending his regards from The Netherlands where he is living with his new loving family and his best friend! Morris is a confident “free” dog without fears.”Our veterinarian was so impressed with him.The way he looks, the way he acts.Just perfect, he said” We are so happy with Morris!

Thank you for sharing these perfect moments of Morris’s life and we are so grateful that Morris has found this amazing family and his soulmate to spend his life with!

We love you all!  


Mister BLACK a.k.a Knut

Mister Black a.k.a Knut is now living in Berlin, Germany! “Our new family member is so impressive that we are spending all our free time with him…and try to manage our work while he is sleeping.🙂” Everyone instantly falls in love with him! In a crowded city as Berlin family of Knut found a good mixture of showing him new things in the city and taking relaxing walks in the nature. He is doing well with other people and dogs and he loves sand- especially beaches (but he doesn’t like rainy weather 😀 ). We are over the roof happy that Knut is living in a wonderful family that takes such good care of him and showers him with love!


Miss RED a.k.a Mūza

Miss Red a.k.a Mūza is now living in Latvia with her new family. She is not very fond of rainy weather but she has a lovely raincoat for that. Mūza started running with her owner and she seems to enjoy it and doesn’t get tired even after 8,5 km! Mūza charms everyone and gets praises for being such an adorable puppy!😍 And of course as all RRs she loves sleeping in bed and she even has her own pillow! We are so happy that Mūza is living in such warm and happy home! 🏠❤️


Mister BLUE a.k.a Amber

Mažoji tėvelio kopija Miss Blue a.k.a Amber 🦄💙
A little copy of her father!


Mister BROWN a.k.a Ouganda

We are celebrating the end of puppy reservation with a wild trip to the beach with Mister Brown a.k.a Ouganda! He is waiting for his trip to France 🐾❤️🇫🇷


Mister ORANGE a.k.a Ridžas

Last but not least Mister Orange a.k.a Ridžas!🐕 This handsome little guy (not that little really 😜) found his home in Kaunas, Lithuania. Big thanks for the family of Ridžas for taking such a great care of him and for the love he receives and also involving us in the process ❤️ “Our Ridžas or brother(how his two sisters call him) is truly a great RR, dog and simply a family member. He is a sleepyhead in the room and a hurricane outdoors 😄. Ridžiukas is extraordinarily friendly dog. He is evenly friendly with two legged and four legged beings. We are very happy to have him and we love him deeply.”

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