Hera Rhodesian Ridgeback (Dykumos Red Summer Rain) is not the first dog in our family. Children, who are now 27 and 21 years old, grew up with a Shar Pei bitch named Šenga. And, certainly, anyone of us, who did ever had a dog will tell: mine is the best, friendliest, most faithful one. There’s no place for arguments. Every minute HERA is nearby us, we can’t stop thinking of her majestic beauty, thoughtful african eyes and head held extremely high!

“I want Hera to be among us always. With me, with you, and with everybody else!

Over the years, HERA managed to prove she is the best, participating in numerous exhibitions. Having the approval of Mrs. Asta Palmer, that Hera is one of the best in her kennel and she cannot stop to admire her intelligence, calmness, temperament we all agreed to share this miracle of nature with everyone of you. We greet you, dear future buyer of Hera’s puppies.

It is with greatest responsibility and love I’m looking forward for HERA’s litter and increasing our new family!” – says breeder D. Šileikienė.

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